Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition Presents 2015 Policy Statement

On Monday, Jan. 19, the Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition presented its 2015 Policy Statement to members of the Northern Virginia delegation of the General Assembly. The Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition is a coalition that includes NVTC along with other chambers of commerce and industry groups throughout Northern Virginia that share a common belief that greater investment in regional transportation infrastructure is essential to Northern Virginia’s future economic competiveness and quality of life.

The Coalition believes that regional, state, federal and private sector transportation dollars should be focused primarily on highway, transit improvements and intelligent transportation systems that will:

  • Move the greatest number of people;
  • Reduce congestion and travel time between major employment centers and communities;
  • Increase reliability of the network region-wide while producing the best long-term return on investment;
  • Promote regional economic development and growth; and
  • Enhance regional security.

    As part of their policy statement, the Coalition also identified a list of eight key, large-scale projects of major regional significance including a new northern Potomac River crossing, 8 car Metro train upgrade and a major upgrade of I-66 both outside and inside the beltway.