NVTC Endorses Legislation to Reform Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

NVTC has endorsed Congressman Frank Wolf’s HR 6356 legislation to reduce the size of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) board and provide Virginia a clear majority of the seats.

Virginia's Dulles Corridor is a tremendous driver of our statewide economic growth. The proposed legislation will ensure that Virginia appointees will have a stronger say over the imposition of increased tolls that will substantially impact Virginia commuters and Virginia technology businesses along the Dulles Corridor.

The current composition of the MWAA board affords Virginia only five of 13 seats on the authority. Uder this structure, a majority of MWAA appointees, who neither live nor work in Virginia, can vote to raise tolls on the Dulles Corridor over the objections of every Virginia representative on the MWAA board. If enacted, this legislation will prevent such a situation from occurring by reducing the size of the MWAA board from 13 members to nine, six of whom would be appointed by the governor of Virginia. The District of Columbia, the state of Maryland and the federal government would have one seat each.

Given that both airports overseen by MWAA, the new Metro Silver Line, and the toll collection facilities are all located in Virginia, NVTC believes it is logical for Virginia to have a majority voice on the MWAA board in order to have more influence over issues that impact the future viability and economic vitality of the Commonwealth.

NVTC commends Congressman Wolf for championing this legislation and also U.S. Senate candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen for their bipartisan support of this measure.