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Mission Statement

The Workforce and Education Committee is dedicated to helping member companies recruit, educate, and retain a world class workforce that is capable of creatively solving complex technology challenges and inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit of employees and organizations.

Our mission will be accomplished by:

  • Strengthening the relationship with educational institutions and students.
  • Aligning our efforts with other organizations in the region.
  • Advocating our own agenda in areas of workforce at the county, state, and national levels.
  • Sharing best practices.
  • Providing information about workforce trends.
Taskforce Initiatives

Student/School-Workplace Initiatives: NVTC member companies interact with students and schools (P-20) in many creative ways and other companies would benefit from hearing about these initiatives and what makes them successful. Interested members will document best practices/lessons learned for school-employer relationships; internships, sponsorships, collaborations, teachers-in-the-workplace, and more.

Employer-School Communication: How employers K-12 and higher education can better communicate to develop a robust pipeline of employees with the skills needed to meet the short, medium and long-term needs of the regions' employers. For more information about the projected, critical skills gap, please see the reports on the Committee's website in the Event Archives.

School-Parent Communication: Closely related is an interest in developing strategies for communicating with K-12 parents about STEM career opportunities and STEM education options. The goal of the "Employer To Parents Communications" taskforce is to give parents direct and time-sensitive information so they can help guide their children towards future gainful employment and help them make informed decisions about education options.

Veterans in the Workplace: How can local companies and organizations improve hiring and on-boarding and full engagement of exiting military personnel into the Northern Virginia workforce. What works? What doesn't? What still needs to be better understood. This is a huge initiative for the region and many NVTC members are leading the way or are interested to learn how they can be leaders in hiring veterans.

Speaker and Programs Initiative: Can you help us find speakers on STEM topics or who have expertise in creating a well-tuned workforce in times of skills shortages such as recruiting strategies, re-skilling current employees, engagement, and diversity (critical as the workforce is shifting in terms of generations, culture, and experience).

Committee Leaders


Steve Partridge
Northern Virginia Community College

Erin Madden
Capital One

Staff Liaisons:

Steve Jordan

John Shaw

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