Data Center and Cloud Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the NVTC Data Center and Cloud Committee is to provide a clear, consistent, collective and compelling voice for promoting the interests of the region's growing data center, cloud and critical infrastructure community in an effort to contribute to the long-term growth and prosperity of the industry. The committee will:

  • promote the interests of anyone with a stake in ensuring that Northern Virginia continues to be a leading global destination not just for data centers but also for the wider ecosystem that relies on the data center as the commerce platform of the 21st century
  • provide educational and training programming for its members and provide forums for thought leadership and the sharing of best practices
  • lead efforts to identify the needs of the future workforce and advocate for industry-specific education programming
  • inform the community of the industry's vital role as a contributor to today's technology-led economy and a major factor in the prosperity and economic stability of the region
  • work to ensure the sustainability of the industry by thoughtfully discussing potential barriers to growth and act as an advocate for policies that prompt the overall health of the industry


  • Address the short- and long-term competitiveness of the data center industry in Virginia
  • Bolster the data center and critical infrastructure industry through public policy advocacy in Richmond
  • Promote policies and initiatives to increase data center investment and expansion throughout Virginia
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Upcoming Events and Meetings
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Archived Events and Meetings
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Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee Meeting
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February 15, 2018